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334                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

Colonel Fullarton cannot be absent. He was
afraid of committing me by taking me with him,
but I told him I had already informed General
Picton that I was going.

The accusations against the latter are to
be sent home. Commodore Hood says he will
resign; so I suppose Colonel Fullarton will re-
main on the field of battle, unless a new governor
is sent out. These fracas and quarrels are very
unpleasant, although one has nothing to do with

My house at St. Juan is almost finished. I
have made it very convenient, and it would hold
you all very well, if you liked to come; but I
have not here des objets majeurs to justify the ex-
pense of bringing you, or endangering all your
healths. To me, Trinidad is a delightful climate,
and I can ride in its sun or sit on its waves with
the same unconcern that I did near dear Istria
and Caprióbut that is no reason why it should
be so for others.

Were I a man to consult my own pleasures,
I should undoubtedly be delighted to have you
all here; but many reasons militate against the
voyage. The expense is great; the dangers of
the passage something; of the climate more.

As to what you  say of sincere friendsówho